The Horizons International Peripheral GroupLeading innovators, educators and advocates on the subject of peripheral arterial and vascular disease (PAD).

Joining The HIPG Community

Membership in HIPG is by invitation only

HIPG membership is available to:

  • Physicians who perform peripheral interventions and/or treat PAD and PVD
  • Research Scientists in the area of peripheral interventions
  • Medical Administrators and Allied Health Professionals
  • Qualified Residents and Fellows

Physician members are required to hold a current medical license from the licensure board for the state where their primary medical practice is located.

The current membership rate is five-hundred dollars ($500.00 US) annually for all individual members. Industry memberships are available by separate application. Click Here for membership application.

Mission And Goals

Industry Development

HIPG is a leader in providing information to the medical community and the public about peripheral interventions and amputation prevention. HIPG members have access to clinical trials and research, speaking engagements, committee assignments and conference management services with more opportunities planned as the organization continues to develop.

HIPG members may have an opportunity to serve on an advisory panel of HIPG members to evaluate medical conference agendas, research trials, regional conferences, and related work in accordance with the policies and procedures established by HIPG.


HIPG is an advocate for patients in the media, insurance companies, and with government entities by encouraging the use of interventional technology and limb preservation in place of amputation.

HIPG focuses on the lives saved and the improvement in quality of life. HIPG also studies other aspects of the economics of a "Team Approach" to intervention and provides a medical voice in health care treatment, coding, and, subject to legal guidelines, reimbursement.

Educational Opportunities

HIPG’s primary educational partner is New Cardiovascular Horizons (NCVH), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation. Such that by a joining of creative ideas, NCVH will become the leading peripheral interventional conference in the world and HIPG members may have an opportunity to direct their own regional conferences, in accordance with the terms and provisions of the agreements between NCVH, HIPG, and the HIPG individual member.

HIPG will have input on conference objectives, submit cases for use in conjunction with the conference and related activities. Members will be listed by HIPG as potential speakers in their areas of expertise and they may be able to improve their opportunities to serve on industry advisory boards, and to chair regional conferences.

Members may host conferences directly, by entering into an agreement with HIPG for the costs associated with the meeting planning and coordination with each physician conducting such a conference, which agreement will also control the ownership and licensing of the presentation and conference materials.

Comprehensive Clinical Research Capabilities

HIPG has formed a research infrastructure with world-class research experts for the strategy, design, and execution of clinical and pre-clinical trials.  We have the capabilities to design, execute, manage, close-out, and publish clinical trials in the field of PVD.  All research is conducted according to all applicable regulations and standards and in accordance with good clinical practice (GCP). 

We offer comprehensive research from pre-clinical studies through post-market studies, Phase I-IV.  We are able to offer all of the following to conduct robust trials independent of the funding industry supporters of research:

High-volume sites for the treatment of peripheral arterial and venous disease

  • Investigators with the potential for high enrollment in trials for the treatment of PVD.
  • Experienced study sites qualified to conduct research
  • Many clinical research coordinators and managers are certified by ACRP and/or SOCRA. 

Clinical trial strategy and design – Phase I through Phase IV Studies

  • Protocol writing
  • Informed consents
  • Case report form design and creation
  • Source worksheets

Investigator Initiated Trials and FDA Regulated Trials

  • FDA IDE submissions
  • Non-significant risk studies
  • Exempt studies
  • Post market studies
  • Registries

Biostatistics and Data Management

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis plans
  • Database builds
  • Analyses using the latest and most appropriate analysis software and methods

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) 

  • Builds
  • Maintenance
  • Ongoing study site support


Comprehensive Clinical Trial Management

  • Site qualification visits
  • Site selection and management
  • Site initiation supplies and training materials
    • Regulatory binders
    • Manuals of operation
    • Patient brochures
    • Research coordinator reference materials
  • Site Initiation visits
    • On-site protocol training
    • On-site case proctoring
    • Multi-disciplinary investigator meetings
  • Study site support – Case proctors and research trainers
    • Cardiovascular / peripheral vascular device experts proctor device procedure for IDE studies
    • Procedure support for research staff to ensure accurate data collection
  • Interim monitoring visits
  • Independent site audits
  • Site close-out visits

Research Committees

  • Organization and Management of multi-disciplinary committees
  • Data safety monitoring boards
  • Clinical events committees
  • Trial steering committees
  • Investigator meetings
  • Safety monitors
  • Committee member qualification and selection
  • Meeting management and minutes
  • Meeting follow-up to ensure minutes approvals and completion of all action items 

Core Lab Management

  • Core lab required documentation
  • Site initiation and reference tools
  • EDC validation to accept core lab data

Preclinical Studies GLP Laboratory

  • IACUC certified preclinical laboratory
  • Studies conducted according to GLP requirements
  • Preclinical study design
  • Preclinical study management
  • Preclinical data collection
  • Preclinical study reports

World Class Imaging Expertise - Independent Core Lab

  • Expertise includes Doppler, echo, angio, cardiac & peripheral CTA/MRA, IVUS, OCT, EKG and nuclear medicine.
  • Affiliated with the well-known Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center (MDHVC) in Houston, Texas
  • Provide access to leading experts in vascular, valvular, aortic and coronary artery disease with experience in all major diagnostic imaging modalities
  • Core lab analyses
  • Preclinical imaging evaluation
  • Expert image review
  • Quality assurance and project management    
  • Core lab protocols
  • Core lab forms
  • Study site support
  • Image evaluation for study site qualification

Medical Writing

  • Publication strategies
  • Literature searches
  • Journal selection and submissions
  • Manuscripts for the publication of clinical trials in peer reviewed medical journals
  • Case reviews
  • Podium presentations and  clinical trial presentations
  • White papers
  • Graphics design and creation
  • Layout and Design
  • Interim reports
  • Final reports for IRBs, FDA, notified body

Clinical Trial Registrations

  • Clinical trials are registered according to the code of federal regulations, at a minimum. 

Current HIPG Sponsored Clinical Research Trials   

HIPG desires to improve clinical outcomes in PVD patients.  The conduct of investigator initiated studies will help provide the evidence we need to better understand the long-term outcomes and optimal treatment strategies for the treatment of PVD.  HIPG sponsored trials designed by HIPG, funded by industry, can reduce or eliminate bias and result in credible publications to communicate the outcomes in HIPG sponsored clinical trials.  HIPG is actively working to conduct investigator initiated trials funded by industry to meet HIPG’s goals and mutual interests from our industry partners.  We currently have the following investigator initiated studies in progress:

Ranexa for the Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (DPNP)

  • Craig Walker, MD – Principal Investigator
  • Double-blind randomized controlled trial comparing Ranexa to placebo for the treatment of DPNP
  • Investigator initiated research
  • Grant provided by industry
  • Currently enrolling at three (3) centers 

VAULT Registry: 

Vascular Disease Registry for Assessing and Reporting LongitUdinal ClinicaL Outcomes for patients Treated for arterial and venous peripheral vascular disease:  Multi-center registry to assess real-world long-term outcomes for the treatment of both arterial and venous disease.

  • Currently have 50% of the three year study funded.  Currently seeking additional funding for the HIPG sponsored registry for assessing long-term clinical outcomes to commence with a minimum of a three-year trial. Will seek additional funding to enroll up to 10,000 patients to follow to perpetuity.

HIPG Research Committee:

  • Oscar Rosales, MD – Memorial Hermann Medical Center Research  -  Committee Chairman
  • Craig Walker, MD – Cardiovascular Institute of the South - Member
  • Nick Cavros, MD - Cardiovascular Institute of the South - Member
  • Eric Dippel, MD – Genesis Medical Center - Member
  • Britton Eaves, MD – Cardiovascular Consultants – Member 

Clinical Research Interests of HIPG Members

We are interested in hearing from our members about research interest.  Our process for conducting research funded by industry requires certain documentation, study budget to submit grant requests.  Kelly Elliott RN, MS is our research director.  Please discuss your ideas with Kelly to understand the process for grant requests and what we can do to support your request for investigator initiated research and proceed with a study grant request. 
Please contact Kelly W. Elliott, RN, MS at 719-272-8022 ext 1058 or to send your research ideas or request a teleconference please email Kelly: 

Interested In Becoming A Member of HIPG?

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